Our advantages

Learn about the benefits of our company, ТОВ “КПГ Консалт”.

Comprehensive care

  • Accountant
  • Leading (chief) accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Specialist 1C Accounting
  • Auditor-Consultant

Save your money

  • Organization of the workplace of a regular accountant.
  • Lack of tax on salary accountant.
  • Installation and support of 1C Accounting.
  • Subscription to periodicals and seminars.

Availability 24/7/365

  • We are always in touch, the absence of phrases such as “I’m going on vacation,” “I’m at the hospital,” “I went to the bank, I’ll be tomorrow,” and so on.
  • An office in the city center with convenient access and a parking space.
  • Online access to your 1C Accounts.

An individual approach to each client

"Psychological help"

  • We are motivated to make money more efficiently.
  • We reassure in the case of unlawful requirements of control or law enforcement agencies.
  • We teach calmly to perceive inadequate actions of competitors and/or partners.



Years of experience


Positive feedback