About us

ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» is a Lviv company that provides accounting services and provides legal support to owners of organizations, private entrepreneurs. We also provide advice on various issues. We have qualified specialists with a significant work experience. They have the necessary knowledge in accounting and tax accounting. Therefore, the services are provided at a high level!

Full range of accounting services in Lviv

Maintaining accounting is an important task to be trusted by professionals. Under it means a variety of processes. For example, keeping records of working hours, extracting initial documentation, tracking arrears by counteragents. Our experts know the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation. They are responsible for work and solve all problems successfully! Accounting services in Lviv – an ideal option for companies and private entrepreneurs who keep up with the times. By cooperating with us, you can focus on business development. We take on all the paperwork and relieve you of worries! Our main services include:

  • accounting services – professional assistance, through which the company goes to a qualitatively new level. This is preparation and submission of reports, close interaction with representatives of controlling bodies, restoration of accounting;
  • personnel accounting – a complex of processes, which implies the documenting the reception, transfer and dismissal of employees. It is a demand-driven service, which reduces labor costs and minimizes the risks of labor law violations;
  • express audit – a measure that detects errors and violations in the compilation of tax returns and in the management of accounting. The check is carried out in a short time. It is especially effective before the presentation of the annual balance sheet, with the change of the chief accountant, in assessing tax risks;
  • Consultations – specialists of ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» help to understand the diversity of normative acts. Also provided answers to the question of the preparation of accounting reports, the timing of tax payments;
  • help in registering and closing an enterprise – a service used by individuals and organizations. This is the development of a package of registration documents, the opening of a current account, registration in the public authorities.

Reporting, financial risk analysis, and tax planning are just part of the accounting services that we provide. ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» has been operating on the service market for many years. During the activity we have gained vast experience and a wide audience of clients. We are turning to owners of companies and private entrepreneurs who appreciate their time. They are engaged in business, and we are entrusted with solving tasks related to optimization of accounting, compilation of tax reporting, interaction with state authorities.

Competitive advantages of outsourcing accounting services

Granting of accounting services is necessary for everyone who is interested in business development! At ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» there are professionals who have the appropriate training and qualification. These are accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and experts. Our specialists are competent to solve the problems and use all their experience. This is a guarantee of getting a great result! Outsourcing of accounting services – a form of relationship, which involves the transfer of accounting to outside experts. This is an actual option for individual entrepreneurs and managers of organizations. Why? Because in the course of business it is necessary to solve a lot of issues that are not related to the development of the company. These include the submission of reports to the controlling bodies, the preparation of financial statements, taking into account all requirements, the calculation of wages. If you are interested in accounting services, use the outsourcing service. This is a profitable offer, which is characterized by competitive advantages:

  • redistribution of responsibility for the execution of important processes – the responsibility lies with the outsourcing firm. Our specialists make the right decisions and perform their work qualitatively;
  • cost savings – the cost of services is lower than the salary of a full-time accountant. The cost of outsourcing accounting services depends on the amount of paperwork and the number of wage earners charged;
  • saving time and focusing on the company’s development – do not need to be distracted by outsourced processes. You can focus on the company flourishing and expanding the horizons of its activities;
  • Possibility of obtaining consultations – specialists of a wide profile give answers to any questions. They are well versed in their work. If necessary, employees of the outsourcing firm defend the interests of the company in various state institutions;
  • Reliability – firm managers do not need to worry about anything, as the accuracy of accounting is guaranteed. All tasks are performed competently and in due time. This eliminates the probability of problems.

Outsourcing of accounting and auditing with ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» – an expedient solution for individual entrepreneurs and companies. In cooperation with us, the work of the company is optimized, the risks of obtaining fines for violations during the delivery of documentation, and the effective development of business is ensured. After concluding a contract with our organization, you will forget about tax inspections, preparation of declarations, and drawing up a statement of cash flows. We take such cares on our shoulders!

Our main values

If you need accountant services in Lviv, call us! Our main values include:

  1. Professional ethics – we do not disclose confidential information. This is a key principle that the employees of ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» adhere to. Customers value this advantage and enjoy our services.
  2. Qualification – the company has genuine specialists. They constantly improve their qualifications and are aware of changes in legislation.
  3. Quality of accounting services – we are responsible for our work. When cooperating with us, the risk of problems is reduced to zero. The accounting is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of each client’s business.
  4. Availability – the cost of our services is acceptable. Prices are based on the volume of work.
  5. Consulting support – we respond promptly to questions and provide recommendations. Our specialists communicate with clients by phone, post and go to the facilities.

Accounting and auditing is an important direction for any company. For us, this is a work that is given the maximum attention. Contact us and sign an accounting outsourcing contract or order an express audit. We are interested in the stable development of our clients’ business. This is a key point in delivering good results and eliminating the risk of fines being charged!

Our team

Rozum Nataliya - specialist of personnel management

Nataliya Gutsul - head accountant

Romanyuk Orisya - specialist in advance payment and technical support systems

Svіtlik Galina - spetsіalіst on PDV

Our main values


We take seriously our assigned tasks, therefore the result of our work will be confirmed by more than 250 grateful clients.


You will never hear anything from us that can offend. Compliance with the rules of conduct is one of the core values of our company.


Great luggage of knowledge, 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, only our professionalism.