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About us

ТОВ «КПГ Консалт» is a Lviv company that provides accounting services and provides legal support to owners of organizations, private entrepreneurs. We also provide advice on various issues. We have qualified specialists with a significant work experience. They have the necessary knowledge in accounting and tax accounting. Therefore, the services are provided at a high level! Full Accounting Services in Lviv Accounting is an important task to be trusted by professionals. Under it means a variety of processes. For example, keeping records of working hours, extracting initial documentation, tracking arrears by counteragents. Our experts know the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation. They are responsible for work and solve all problems successfully! Accounting services in Lviv – an ideal option for companies and private entrepreneurs who keep up with the times. By cooperating with us, you can focus on business development. We take on all the paperwork and relieve you of worries!

Why do we?

Availability 24/7/365

Our specialists are always in touch, regardless of weekends and holidays.

Comprehensive care

Our team always works: an accountant, a leading (chief) accountant, a lawyer, a 1C accountant, an auditor consultant. Therefore, you will receive full accounting services and legal advice.

An individual approach to each client

For maximum comfort, we individually approach each and every issue that the client is contacting us.

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Team of the ТОВ "КПГ Консалт"

Our team has a staff of genuine professionals with many years of experience.

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Звертався в КПГ Консалт для відновлення бухгалтерського обліку та по деяким юридичним консультаціям. Всім задоволений, особливо, відношенням до клієнта. Дякую.